Do what I do.. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!
Clueing for looks.
I’m Sash, a 20-something from England. My current loves are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Shakespeare, The Muppets & lemon drizzle cake.

My life plan? To go on lots of adventures!

Baby Adipose watercolour.. because only Doctor Who could make balls of walking human fat cute.

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Wonderland/Doctor Who crossover… “Just a madman with a box..and a hat” Also included the March Hare because he never gets enough love.

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"All twelve of them.."


*Cut to Capaldi brows of doom and wonder*

Splendid chaps. All of them. Marker sketches - Soon to be available as prints etc..when I work out how to use Redbubble etc.

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I like to think that Thor and Anna went along for support, anyway.

I don’t ship these two..but they’d make pretty badass karaoke buds right?

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Guys, I hate doing this but if there’s any way you could help me out, I’d really appreciate it. Basically I’ve been screwed over by a number of people in the past resulting in jobs costing me money to complete them. As a result I’ve just received an eviction notice. I’ve got pets and a little brother depending on me and I don’t know what to do. Apart from offer my art.

ANY DONATION no matter how small will receive ART WORK IN RETURN once this is all over. I promise. If you donate £1, £10 or £25 you will be making a huge difference to me and my family. If you’re under 18 please get permission.

You can send payment to and your art will be with you as soon as this is sorted.

If you can’t afford it, no worries. I know how you feel. Please reblog.

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Totally got hacked the other day. Came online to find I was following lots of er… interesting blogs.

Have sorted it out and changed my password etc. Hopefully none of you received any spam from me- sorry if you did!

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Sorry for not posting much recently- I’ve got lots of commissions to work on at the moment, but here are some of my favourite recent sketchbook doodles.

Eleven, Five, Perry the Platypus (a new obsession), Twelve, and Sherlock and Agent P- might do more with those two…..

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What happens at Comic Con stays at Comic Con….

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Cardiff Comic Con was AMAZING! Chatted to some lovely people and fellow artists who were far more talented than I, had fun spotting ridiculously talented cosplayers from afar and ran around like a loon.

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Okay… so this is my face xD

I’ll be at Cardiff Comic con on the Saturday with my Clara <3 First time dressing as Eleven & first con so we’re both ridiculously excited. Do come and say hi!

(My proper Eleven hair hasn’t arrived in have made do with this one for now..seriously though, nobody said getting waist length hair under a wig cap would be this hard.. *violin music*)

See you there!


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