Do what I do.. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!
Clueing for looks.
I’m Sash, a 20-something from England. My life plan? To go on lots of adventures!

Don’t normally upload my warm up sketches to tumblr.. but here’s one. Because I love Capaldi’s face.

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So I was challenged by a bunch of Whovians on Capalday. so this happened! First time trying Eleven’s voice out. woo!

Go and donate. Be fantastic. All details in the video!

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There’s 104 days of summer vacation….

Had to Disneybound as Phineas and Ferb for our little trip to the seaside. We’re both a bit like P&F.. what with me being a bonkers artist and my brother a quieter trainee engineer.

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Some Danny Pink for your dash. Cannot wait to see him.

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10 minute comic because I can’t be the only one getting fed up with people asking PCap about his age. 

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Little Tenth Doctor doodle!

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benedict-cumbersomerobes Wow, this a tricky one.. I’ve actually been planning a Youtube video on it, because I’ve been asked that a lot recently but here’s a basic sort of summary. Thing. 

Firstly, draw everything. When you’ve got a basic knowledge of people and trees and cars and cabbages and kings, then you’ll find that when you want to draw something you don’t need to rely too heavily on reference. Your drawings will be in the way you see the world.. You’ll find you’ll leave out the bits you do not find important and emphasise those you do.

Then experiment, with different techniques and materials. Find out how you enjoy working. Digital or traditional. Pencils or paint. Colour or black and white. 

Look at lots of art. When you find something you like, analyse why you like it. Is it the colours? The way they draw hands? The way they compose pictures? This will give you an idea about your art preferences, which ultimately influences your style. Don’t pass others stuff off as your own, just use it as an inspiration

Keep developing. Naturally, your style should evolve and change as you learn more and see more art. Don’t ever feel stuck in one way of working.

Hopefully that’s some sort of help. Just a few rough points. Style, or finding your artistic voice is a tricky thing. You work for years and then suddenly you realise it’s just sort of happened. :)

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Doctor Who sketch cards.. I did draw Nine, but I accidentally spilt tea on him :( Not “fantastic”.

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I am very excited after seeing behind the scenes photos of Capaldi rocking the punk look.

This got reblogged by the official doctorwho lot. AND they got the “GuiTARDIS” pun too!

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So yeah, the amount of people who don’t mind my drawings popping up on their dashboard has the little kid in me dropping his jaw. Sending an ask wishing good morning to each of you would take almost three hours. Then it wouldn’t be morning anymore; that’s how serious the situation has become.

This is a good point in my life for celebrating stuff like this, considering I’m going to start applying for proper artist jobs for the first time in my life. So after every failed interview, I’ll be able to console myself: “Maybe they don’t like me, but hey, a THOUSAND people want to see what I draw next!”


To let you guys join me in the celebratory business, The Qwerty Prophecy will be holding a giveaway. Drawing-y stuff, since I’m assuming that’s what you guys like around here.


The randomly generated lucky person will receive a free commission and a high-quality print, i.e. they can tell me to draw something and instead of being a lazy bastard, I’ll actually do it, and post a tangible copy to them so they can draw moustaches on it.

Two others blessed by the lord of dice will receive a print of their choosing, from any of my previous non-commissioned drawings and fanart.


To enter, reblog this post. Each reblog counts as an entry. The giveaway ends on SEPTEMBER 5TH. I will contact the winners via the ask box; if their box is closed or their reply takes over 24 hours, I’ll re-roll. After the announcement of the winners, the prints should arrive as soon as the printing company and the mailman allow.

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